Eros' Black and White Wings 3

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This wound was caused by a foul mouth belt. When he gets angry, he is like a beast. No matter how hard you try to resist, you have to wait for him to spare you. Ran Mei was so dumbfounded that she forgot to breathe.

"Ran Mei!"! Hunting!! Just then, the loud Minna and the judo man Jiang Taishan lined up the crowd and ran this way. The hunter quickly withdrew his hand, put it in his trousers pocket as if nothing had happened, and walked away. Eh? What's the matter with that guy? Minna watched the back of the hunter. "Who was he angry with?" Ran Mei looked ahead with a wry smile, and the hunter was caught by Xiao Bi who jumped out of the crowd. "Hey, Jiang Taishan," said Minna with an ugly curl of her lips, "how can that little Bi in your class be like a cotton candy, sticking to hunting all day long? I feel annoyed for hunting!" "Aunt, you can't blame me for that!" Jiang Taishan looked aggrieved. Who do you blame if you don't? Minna glared at Jiang Taishan with her arms akimbo. "Did you introduce that leech to hunting?!" "Hey, hey.." I thought the girl was pretty cute at first, and I didn't have a girlfriend. It's not easy to find someone who likes you so much! "Minna retorted a few words until Jiang Taishan could not say anything, and then gave up contentedly." By the way, Ranmei! Then she remembered the business. "Did you read the bulletin board?" Ran Mei shook her head. "What's the matter?" "Ah!"! Then you must come and see it! Minna happily took Ranmei by the hand and ran into the crowd. When they came to the bulletin board against all odds, Mingna pointed to the person in the photo and announced loudly in Ranmei's ear: "I found a handsome man who looks like Lianhua!" Ran Mei fixed her eyes on it and couldn't believe her eyes: "Isn't it Lianhua?" The person in the photo is dressed in black from top to bottom-half-length pure black hair,Magnesium Oxide MgO, black clothes and trousers, black fingerless gloves, only the sunglasses are gradually changing brown. Although both hairstyle and dress are quite different from the sunny lotus flower, the natural slightly raised lips are so familiar in the eyes of the beauty. There are three pictures. The first one is taken at a distance. He is walking with some musicians. It is not clear whether the instrument case on his shoulder is an electric guitar or a bass. The second one is closer. It is a profile. His right foot is on a low flower bed. He is hunching his back and tying his shoelaces. Although his hair covers his face, the outline still looks familiar; In the last one, he was alone,Magnesium Oxide price, looking lazily against the wall, pulling his gloves. Ran Mei suddenly remembered something and went to the third photo to make sure. Vaguely remember, Lianhua's right hand middle finger, there is a mole. Unfortunately, the person in the photo took off the glove of his left hand. What's going on? Ranmei? Did you find something? Minna hurriedly leaned over. Oh, no. However, the United States smiled apologetically, "just feel, really like ah, there is such a coincidence in the world." "I feel like it, too, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide price, but it must not be him. It feels different," Minna said confidently. "And there is evidence that this person is not Lianhua." "How to prove it?" Because Lianhua is a super tone-deaf! The whole school knows! How can he be engaged in music? Tone-deaf? However, the United States Leng Leng, but how can the words of tone-deaf dance? In the third class in the morning, I heard that Lianhua didn't come to school. Think of yesterday's date is such an end, but the United States can not help but feel guilty, wanted to apologize to him face to face, but he did not come to school. In the past, it was normal for Lianhua not to come to school, but since they started dating, Lianhua basically came to school every day, even though she was ridiculously late every time. I sent him N text messages before lunch, but I didn't reply. She finally called him and got the tone that the other party had turned off. Close the mobile phone gently, but I don't know why I'm a little worried. At five o'clock in the afternoon, Ranmei stood at the station with her schoolbag in both hands. She had been waiting for almost a quarter of an hour. It seemed that the shuttle bus to Lianhua's home did not come very often. All the people on the station got on the bus one after another, leaving only her and three other people, a tired uncle yawning in boredom, and a pair of young lovers laughing and playing behind them. Ranmei? When she was eager to see, she heard a half-baked voice behind her calling her. Looking back, the man who met Lianhua in the restaurant last time was walking towards her with a smile. I don't know why, this man has a smile on his face, but it makes her feel cold. Catching a glimpse of Ran Mei's restrained appearance, ALEX smiled quietly. "Why are you alone?" He looked around with a familiar look. "Where is Lianhua?" "Oh, I'm alone." Ran Mei smiled as easily as she could, and when she looked up, she suddenly saw a terrible bruise on ALEX's neck! It was swollen and bruised, with thick scars, as if it were being entangled by some snake. Your neck! Ran Mei looked stunned. Oh, "ALEX touched the wound on his neck unnaturally," it's not Lianhua, I really can't do anything about him. " However, Mei opened her eyes wide and thought she had misheard: "Lianhua?" "Nothing, it's not the first time anyway." ALEX with a wry smile. This time, the suspicion and horror on the girl's face were more obvious. ALEX frowned and asked carefully, "You.." You don't know anything, do you? Ranmei shook her head blankly. ALEX looked at her for a long time,calcium nitrate sol, and finally seemed to breathe a sigh of relief: "It seems that he is not like this in front of you." "Your wound was caused by Lianhua." She didn't even have the courage to ask about the doubts in her heart. ALEX nodded. "Maybe I said something that made him uncomfortable when he was in a bad mood.". This wound was caused by a foul mouth belt. When he gets angry, he is like a beast. No matter how hard you try to resist, you have to wait for him to spare you. Ran Mei was so dumbfounded that she forgot to breathe.