The courtier and the empress by shine on the water and burn the rhinoceros

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This is indeed a good omen,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which shows that under this serious injury, the potential in his body is unconsciously stimulated, and slowly transformed into internal force that can be freely controlled.

Lu Shuang waved his hand. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. I still have some in my room. It's the same to go back and drink again." When Dou Yangming saw that she was acting gently, he was moved. He turned to Cheng Xihou and said, "It's hard for the four girls. They are still so young, so they do everything thoughtfully.". "Zhenzhen is a girl from the Hou Mansion. She shows her appearance and is generous." Cheng Xihou enjoyed it greatly and said with a smile, "I'm not young.". In a little more than a month, it will be over. Dou Yangming took advantage of the situation and smiled. "Isn't that right, big girl? The Marquis should be ready to look at his son-in-law." When Lu Shuang saw him say this, he shyly twisted the corner of his clothes and walked aside. Cheng Xihou pointed at her and said with a smile, "Look at this child. He's still ashamed.". Next year, Dad will take you to pick it out himself. Dou Xian listen to the heart, half jokingly interface way, "the capital of the noble children, how many face clean dark smelly.". "Father might as well have given it to me as married the fourth sister to those who don't know their roots." Lu Shuang's heart was suddenly tightened, holding his sleeve and listening carefully to their words. Just listen to Cheng Xihou ask, "you?" Dou Xian nodded very seriously, "Lu Shuang's temperament is so soft, how can you hold her husband hostage?"? Dad might as well marry her out.. Before he had finished speaking, Cheng Xihou pounded the table and said angrily, "Evil barrier!"! Lu Shuang is your sister, where there are such words? Dou Xian said unconvinced, "It's not my own sister. I have many cousins who get married." Cheng Xihou was dumb for a moment, and then his voice hardened again. "Since she has entered my family's genealogy,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, she is your own sister.". Did you forget? According to the law of my Dynasty, those with the same surname will not marry, otherwise they will both be sentenced to exile. Dou Xian is stupefied. Cheng Xihou glanced at him sternly and said, "Since Lu Shuang's surname is Dou, she will always be your sister.". Think less about what you have or don't have! With that, he went out. Dou Yangming followed. Dou Xian knocked on the table in a fit of pique and went to Lu Shuang's side. Seeing that she was holding her sleeve and her face turned pale, he wanted to comfort her. But seeing that the servant girls were all there, it was not convenient to say more. "I'm joking with my father,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe," he said. "Don't be afraid, sister. I'll take you to your room. Lu Shuang bowed his head and said yes. They went to the room with cress and bamboo shavings. Because the maids were all there, it was inconvenient to speak, and they were silent all the way. In front of the door, Lu Shuang said, "I'm here. Second brother, go back." Dou Xian nodded, "wait for you and servant girls to go in, I go again." He rolled his eyes a little. Lu Shuang bit his lower lip and deliberately dilly-dally closed the door. But until he and the maids entered the inner room, he did not see any action. Just as he was walking in disappointedly, he heard Dou Xian raise his voice outside the door and say, "Lu Shuang, your veil fell on me. Come out and take it." "Go and get it," said the cress casually. Lu Shuang quickly stopped, "I'll go by myself.". Wash your hands and bring me the fruit. Bamboo shavings, you go to the room to light incense. See two servant girls have promised to go in. She had just walked quickly to the front of the house and opened the door. When Dou Xian saw her coming out, stainless steel welded pipe ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, he said with a smile, "Come here, I have something good to show you." Lu Shuang covered his face with his sleeve and smiled. "Didn't you say you were going to give me something back just now? How come you have something good to show me now?"? If you don't have a word of truth in your mouth, you will lie all day long. Dou Xian asked with a smile, "where are the maids?" Lu Shuang said, "go to carry the fruit and light the incense." Dou Xian's face flashed a narrow smile, he drawled a long voice "oh". Lu Shuang felt that he had made a slip of the tongue and blushed to go back to the room. He didn't want him to come forward quickly. Seeing no one around, he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Lu Shuang covered his face with one hand, held his sleeve with the other, and looked up and smiled. But soon, he said, "Dad just said.." Dou Xian comforted, "don't listen to him.". Although you are now surnamed Dou, but that is to pick you up from Xie Fu, only to change. We are serious cousins. Pointing to the direction of the capital, he said, "My second uncle and second aunt are also cousins. Aren't they married and have three children?" Lu Shuang felt a little at ease, but he couldn't help saying, "After all, I.." "It's all right." Dou Xian held her shoulder and said firmly, "just change your surname back.". Dad has a way to do it, and so can I! Lu Shuang was so confused, but listening to what he said so firmly, he nodded with forbearance. That's good. Dou Xian said and kissed her on the cheek again. As soon as his lips left, Lu Shuang heard footsteps behind him and pushed him away. Dou Xian stood on tiptoe to look behind her, cress is bowing his head and fiddling with an incense burner, coming here. Seeing that the cress had never looked up, he dared to approach the frost and kiss it again. This time, as soon as he left her and withdrew from the door, the cress raised her head and shouted, "Girl, there's powder stuck in the incense burner. How can this be used?" Lu Shuang blushed and stammered. He glared at him, slammed the door, and turned to talk to the servant girl. DouXian also not annoyed, bow to endure a smile, one side leisurely swing a fan to the east room. When I got back to my room, I finally laughed out loud. Although DouXian said the words of consolation, but Lu Shuang thought about what Cheng Xihou said, the heart involuntarily heavy, turning over and over has not slept well. It was not until the fourth watch that I felt a little sleepy. I was dozing off in a daze, and there was a faint cry of fighting in my ears. She fell into a drowsy sleep, thinking she was dreaming, and turned over with a frown. I don't want to be shaken vigorously, accompanied by anxious shouts, "Girl!"! Girl Lu Shuang opened his eyes sleepily and saw that they were bamboo shavings and water celery. Her bedclothes and dishevelled hair shook her. She rubbed her eyes and said, "I don't need breakfast." The two maids were in a hurry. "I'm still thinking about breakfast.". Yingchuan county mutiny, the rebels killed to the palace, the girl quickly don't dream, get up! Lu Shuang's heart seemed to have been splashed with a clump of ice and snow. He woke up and grabbed their sleeves and asked,304 Stainless Steel Wire, "Well, how could such a thing happen?" The maids looked flustered and said they didn't know. "There was a lot of noise in the palace a quarter of an hour ago, and we just thought we had left the water.". I don't want someone around me to say that the rebels are invading. Now everyone is rushing to the Yizhi Palace. 。