Recommend [Comprehensive] False Protagonist and True Demon King

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This is indeed a good omen,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which shows that under this serious injury, the potential in his body is unconsciously stimulated, and slowly transformed into internal force that can be freely controlled.

His ability can not be exposed, at least not in front of the old man at this time. Compared with the King of Gold, the advantages of choosing the Red King are obvious. First of all, he doesn't care about other people. Being cold and silent means that he doesn't care who they are and what they will do. Moreover, the identity of the Red King will give the King of Gold a hint that the Red King is one of his own, and the Red King will be optimistic about them. That's what Osamu Dazai wants. "" Zhou Fangzun knows more or less about Dazai's abacus. "I'm not interested." Of course, Osamu Dazai had calculated this before. As an equivalent exchange, if Zhou Fangzun protects them, then they must pay something they need. Shen Xi once told me that you played against each other on the first day. Dazai looked at him, "Shen Xi is strong enough to make up for something." "What do you mean?" With his hands behind his back and a smile in his iridescent eyes, Dazai said, "Although the King of Gold is blocking the news, there are always leaks from your so-called clan. I don't know abroad. There should be a lot of organizations in Neon." As the clan of the Red King, they will not come forward to touch the bad luck,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, but if the Red King loses the power of the king and the clan loses its power, guess what will happen? I remember Shen Xi told me that there was a little girl in your clan and a man who couldn't fight. Zhou Fangzun stared at him and looked away after three seconds. "It's better not to do anything extra." This kind of thing is a probability problem, the probability of the attack is not big, but no matter how small the probability is, there is a probability, he did not care before,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, but now. The Vedura, who has lost the power of the king, is not as good as before. Osamu Dazai is betting that he cares about the clan. Nope Osamu Dazai knew from the beginning that he would definitely win. Tae-jae? Shen Xi stood at the entrance of the alley and called out to Dazai, who seemed a little confused. Cotton candy! Dazai changed his face in an instant and turned around to take the cotton candy from Shen Xi's hand like a child. Can't wait to eat a mouthful, then Dazai said it was the taste of saccharin, Shen Xi shook his head helplessly, it seems that he did not want to respond at this time. Although he did not care much, he suffered from the attention of children and girls for quite a long time. There is something wonderful about this feeling. By the way, Shen Xi! Osamu Dazai stuffed the marshmallow back into Shen Xi's hand. "Shen Xi, I just met the Red King. He promised us to go to his clan to play later." "Red King?"? Clan? Play? Shen Xi repeated more doubtfully. Dazai pulled Shen Xi out and explained to him as he walked, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "It's tourism!"! Aren't we on vacation? Vacation, of course, is to go to many places to play! That's it! Watching the young man in black pull people away, Zhou Fangzun withdrew his sight. A man who will lose miserably if he looks down upon him can grasp the weakness of others without even saying a word after only a few meetings, which is really terrible. However, he is very concerned about his companions. That's enough. "Hello, everyone!"! My name is Tae-jae, Osamu Tae-jae. I will spend some time with you from today. Please give me some advice! "Huh?"? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Hata looked at him in shock. "Who are you?"? Why did you suddenly show up at the Vedora and say you want to spend some time with us?! Osamu Dazai looked at the man who obviously looked like a teenager? Why are there junior high school students in this kind of organization? "Country.." Junior high school students?! Hachida exhaled heavily. "Do you want to die?!" "Wow, it's terrible." Dazai instantly hid behind Shen Xi, "I'm injured all over now. If you touch me, I might die. Are you sure you want to come?" Shen Xi listened to Dazai lying on his back and teasing the people in front of him, especially when he was very happy to see his fried hair. It was really a bad taste. Hachida. Kusanagi Izumo called the man back. Compared to Osamu Dazai, he noticed Shen Xi. If he remembered correctly, this was the man that Zun and King Qing had not chased back at that time. "Can you explain to us what this is all about?" Dazai put his chin on Shen Xi's shoulder. "That's it. We'll stay here for a while. Your Red King has agreed." "Huh?"? You mean Mr. Zun. Kusanagi frowned slightly. "Did you agree?" Just then, the door of the tavern was pushed open, and Zhou Fangzun came in step by step from outside the door. Ha ha ha, Mr. Zun is here! If you are sensible, leave quickly! Otherwise, don't blame me for being kicked out by Mr. Zun! Mr. Zun! These two people are lying when they say you let them live here, aren't they? Zhou Fangzun sat on the bar as if he had not heard, his eyes calm. Zun? Kusanagi Izumo motioned to Shen Xi and Dazaiji. Give them a room. Zhou Fangzun answered like this. Looking at the instant petrified Hata Miho, Dazai said with a low smile: "Please give me more advice, Mr. Hata." Ten bunches of Duoliang sat on the sofa and laughed. "Ah, it's so interesting. Hello, my name is Ten bunches of Duoliang." The man who held the little girl in the back last time. Shen Xi looked at him, "Hello." "Introduce yourself at this time." Dazai corrected Shen Xi. "Tell him what your name is. I'm glad to know him." Shen Xi nodded, "Hello, my name is Shen Xi, nice to meet you." "Shen Xi?"? Shen..? Does Neon have this surname? "That's the surname of Hua Guo." Kusanagi looked helplessly at Hachida, "Hachida, you fool, you should go to school more often. You don't even know that." Hata Miho instantly exploded, "I graduated from high school long ago!" "I wasn't a junior high school student." Dazai looked at Hachida,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "but no matter the height or appearance, they are almost the same as junior high school students." Hachida Miho:.. This bastard! "Look at the trouble you've caused." Kusanagi Izumo helplessly looked at the instant explosion to duel with Dazai Osamu Hachida, "why bring this person back?"? I think they were on the side of the King of Gold. 。