First-level boss: You get married, I rob Shen Yiran Ji Jinchuan 3141 Zhang Yun

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Click, click, click, the sound of collapse sounded, as the source of the sky orthodoxy was sucked dry by the ancestor of Wen Zhu, the sky orthodoxy began to collapse,Fish measuring board, the vast land collapsed and separated, and the huge orthodoxy collapsed into countless fragments in a

So she took the noodles into the living room, found an entertainment program, and watched TV while eating. Ji Jinchuan took off his watch, untied two cufflinks, rolled up a small sleeve, pulled open the dining chair and sat down to eat, but out of the corner of his eye he glanced at the woman in the living room. Her hair always slipped down the right side, preventing her from eating, and was pushed behind her ears, revealing white and round earlobes and a small part of her snow-white neck. When she saw something funny, she would giggle, and because she was facing him sideways, he could only see the soft arc of her side face and the open corners of her mouth. The most famous fish in Jiangcheng, the fish is smooth and tender, and there are few thorns. Tonight she cooked braised fish, but he ate it tasteless. Do not know why, see her in addition to the beginning of that trace of excitement, but more irritable. Chapter 214 let her go back first. Ben Ji Jinchuan put his chopsticks on the bowl, and Shen Yiran, who watched the program with relish, did not notice anything wrong with him. He pushed aside the bowls and chopsticks, got up, unbuttoned his shirt and went into the bedroom,Surveyors tape measure, glancing at the back of her black head as he passed her. With the sound of the door closing, Shen Yiran withdrew his sight from the TV, put down the half-eaten noodles, and went to the restaurant. The food on the table hardly moved, and he had a bad appetite today? In the bedroom, Ji Jinchuan was not in a hurry to take a bath. He lit a cigarette, and the white smoke rings from his breath and lips filled the air. His always calm and cold face was hazy in the smoke. Outside in the living room, came the sound of the television, so that his heart was very depressed,Fiberglass tape measure, the whole person with a gloomy breath. He regretted taking Shen Yiran with him when he came to Jiangcheng. Before long, the voice outside quieted down. It should be the woman who left. He stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and went into the bathroom. The next day Xiao Cheng told Shen Yiran that she had nothing to do here and asked her to go back to a city first. When Shen Yiran heard the news, the first thought in his mind was related to Ji Jinchuan's abnormality these days. She didn't ask what the reason was. Anyway, he was a big boss, and she did what he said. What's more, staying here, she had nothing to do, except to fix three meals for Ji Jinchuan every day, almost idle panic. Perhaps these days are used to, she is still worried in the heart, she returned to a city, that Ji Jinchuan's three meals a day how to do? But then a thought, Xiao Cheng this omnipotent special help in, this should not be difficult, and Ji Jinchuan has plenty of money, want to eat what can not buy? "How long are you going to stay here?" She asked casually. Xiao Cheng made a rough prediction in his mind: "At least a week." Shen Yiran did not say anything, horse weight tape ,cattle weight tape, returned to the room to pack up their things, this time to Jiangcheng, she simply brought a few clothes, even skin care products and so on did not bring, a few minutes to pack up. "I'll take you to the airport later and wait for you downstairs first," Xiao said as she tidied up her clothes. Shen Yiran folded his clothes and smiled back: "OK, thank you." Outside the hotel, the low-key black Maybach was parked on the side of the road. Xiao Cheng opened the door and got into the driver's seat. The man sitting behind him browsed the recent news of a city on his mobile phone. When he saw Gu Jinchen and Bai Shiyan attending a charity fund donation event, he couldn't help looking at it a few more times. The man in the photo is handsome and handsome, with a confident demeanor and a faint pride between his eyebrows. Twenty-five years old, can stand in this position, in many young people, Gu Jinchen is outstanding. He returned the phone to the desktop and asked lightly, "Did she say anything?" Xiao Cheng said truthfully, "Ask us when we will go back." Ji Jinchuan no longer spoke, because he lowered his head and slid his mobile phone, his drooping eyes covered the emotions in his eyes, and Xiao Cheng did not see anything unusual about him from the rearview mirror. Xiao Cheng saw Shen Yiran come out of the hotel, pushed open the door and got out of the car, took the luggage in her hand and put it in the trunk. Shen Yiran opened the car door and saw the people sitting inside for a moment. When she came down, she looked at the time. It was already 9:20. Wasn't he supposed to be at the construction site or the branch company at this time? Chapter 215 can't guess Ji Jinchuan's mind. Ben Seeing her standing still, Ji Jinchuan gave her a sidelong glance. "Get on the bus, I'm in a hurry," he said in a deep, mellow voice with shallow displeasure. It was the first time he had spoken to her in days, and his distinctive voice was clear and slow, with tension through her eardrums. He is still a classic three-piece suit, but today he wears a black shirt. He has broad shoulders, narrow waist and a heavenly clothes rack, so he looks good no matter what color he wears. Wearing a white shirt, he was somewhat dignified and elegant, while wearing a black shirt, he had a cold breath all over his body, as if he would fall into the abyss if he was close to him, and from then on he would be beyond redemption. Xiao Cheng returned to the driver's seat and saw that she had not yet got on the bus. He urged, "Leisurely, hurry up. We are in a hurry." Shen leisurely bent into the car, as the door closed, as if the air in an instant became thin, the heart faintly some suffocation. Next to the man who exudes a cold and indifferent breath, Shen Yiran is not without feeling, she just can not understand, where to make him unhappy? Mingming's first day in Jiangcheng was fine, but it changed after she went to the construction site to give him lunch. When facing her, he was always expressionless, and in the next few days, he became more and more indifferent, and even let her go back to a city in advance. She thought about the past few days and could only think that she was in a bad mood because she and he were injured. People who are in a bad mood and don't play by the rules are generally unreasonable, so she decided not to argue with him. During her wandering, the car stopped outside the airport. Xiao Cheng parked the car on the side of the road: "Here we are." Then I got out of the car and went to the back to get her suitcase. When Shen Yiran pushed the car door, he looked back at Ji Jinchuan. He closed his eyes and did not know if he had fallen asleep. His left hand on his side was not wrapped in gauze, and the wound had scabbed. His hand was beautiful,Horse weight lbs, with a sharp scar on the back of his smooth hand, which looked dazzling and ferocious, as if it had destroyed a beautiful work of art.