The agent is in another world

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Click, click, click, the sound of collapse sounded, as the source of the sky orthodoxy was sucked dry by the ancestor of Wen Zhu, the sky orthodoxy began to collapse,Fish measuring board, the vast land collapsed and separated, and the huge orthodoxy collapsed into countless fragments in a

No, don't worry. This, this person all of a sudden, is, is not together. Still, slow down. Take your time. Murtaugh's arm was scratched by the holy angel, and he hurriedly said, "You, you see, in the fortress of the Fire Emperor, there are only three people who meet your requirements.". The head, the head is not here, otherwise, he can still be counted as one. "Who are these two people?" Asked the angel. "With me, there are four.". Others, think of another way. "Zhi, Zhi Wei, Tai, Titan, and Jin!" Very well, there are three candidates. But what about the rest of them? Where do I look? "No, it's not difficult." Murtaugh said slowly, "I, we can find the army, Tabar of the army headquarters." Tabar? Known as the strongest swordsman in the world? Angel blinked. "He's from the Army. Murtaugh, you're not kidding me." "No, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests." Mo Tao laughed, "also, there is a candidate, also, it is not difficult to find.". Now, in the Holy See, Ken, there must be a master at the level of the Destroyer. You, your holy angel, he, they are not proud of it, they follow the horse's lead! Murtaugh said so much that he felt his tongue a little tired. The angel's eyes lit up and she said, "Yes,Pi tape measure, that's six people.". All right, Murtaugh, please call everyone here, and we're heading for Longus Sky City now. Zhiwei, he, they, give it to me. And, uh, Tabar. Then, the Holy See, you'll have to go and find it. "Well, let's split up and still gather here at this time the day after tomorrow!" With that, Angel, a hothead, flapped his wings and flew out. Mo Tao opened his mouth in situ, and this fellow suddenly remembered that Jin was not in the fortress of the Fire Emperor at this time. I don't know where he has been recently. It is said that he has gone to the land of true demons to study the creatures of the underworld. Damn, the magic stick left at a bad time. But no way, the impatient holy angel at this time do not know where to fly, he can only find Zhiwei, Titan, fish measuring tape ,tape measure clip, and the body in the enemy Tabar. Murtaugh thought about it and felt that there was no second person to carry out the task, none other than Intel! The waterside city of Maxi, this important military town, after the time of Liu Aiguo's escape from prison, the town was under martial law a lot, and soldiers in white uniforms could be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys, patrolling back and forth. But that doesn't mean there won't be thieves in Maxi. In the middle of a nondescript tavern on the side of the street, a man with silver hair sat there with a cool face. Opposite him sat a man wearing a red cloth shirt, casual shorts, slippers on his feet, one foot on the table, his right hand still picking the toe. All the guests around were disgusted by this guy, but no one dared to provoke this guy. Why? Because he is the commander of the army, the warden of Maxi Prison, and Tabar, who is known as the strongest swordsman in the world. I haven't seen you for so long, but the army commander is still the same. There was a glass of wine in front of Intel, but he did not touch it. Instead, he sat there and talked to Tabar in a formal way. Necessary Tabar was not polite, gurgling wine into his mouth, as if he would never get drunk. "In life, no one knows what will happen in the next second. Only drinking and fighting are the happiest things.". You see, in the past, would you have thought that you, Intel, would one day be able to sit here and drink with me face to face? "Commander, I have something to ask for." Intel said sincerely and respectfully. Although he left the army headquarters, he still had great respect for the army commander. Look, it's just different. Tabar took a sip of the wine and smacked his lips. "You, Intel, are now a general of the Fire Emperor's thieves. You even speak in the tone of the Fire Emperor.". He was obviously a thief, but he still came to me, the army commander, for help. This fire emperor has killed many of my military brothers recently. "Commander Tabar, we don't talk in secret." Intel frowned and said, "Most of those who encircle us are members of the glorious family.". When the Fire Emperor destroyed them, he was doing Commander Stanley a favor. I was brought up by Lord Michael, and I can say that I am also a member of the common people. So, I want to ask adults one thing, as long as adults can agree, our fire emperor is willing to join hands with the civilian faction. When the brilliant line is driven out of the army headquarters, we will no longer look for trouble from the army headquarters. But why should I promise you? You want an alliance? I don't want one yet. I just want to drink. Tabar seemed unmoved. The adults are joking. If the adult did not have that mind, in the original Maxi town, the adult would not have used the sword gas to send Liu Aiguo away from the siege of the brilliant family. "All right, Intel, you're really determined to work with that guy Liu Aiguo, and your tone is really not toward the military headquarters at all." Tabar threw a piece of beef into his mouth, chewed it, and said, "You say it first. What is it?". If it's too difficult for us, that Stanley guy won't agree. "There is no harm to you in this matter, nor is it for adults to betray the army." Naintel looked left and right, then whispered in Tabar's ear and told him about the gate of the divine world. Intel was not worried that word of their meeting would get out, because the town had been run entirely by Tabar since Prince Donchi had awakened. As for the power of the brilliant family, it quickly moved to the imperial capital, ready to fight for the power of the imperial capital. So that's it. Tabar nodded and said, "It's no problem. After all, it's also related to the whole continent. It's no problem for me to do my part.". However, you must remember what you said just now. You can't do anything less for the Fire Emperor. Otherwise, don't blame me, Tabar, one man, one sword,Wheel tape measure, and go to the forest of Turner to pick the place of your fire emperor! "Don't worry, our fire emperor has always been unswerving." "Listen to this tone, you Intel are promising now!" Tabar curled his lips and Intel smiled sheepishly.