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Today, this game can be cleared,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, and today it has not passed. Quan Xinran has no interest in how many shares Qu Li has in his hands. Anyway, the shares will not become their own in the end. Even if there are more shares, what's the use? It's all

Long Dafei said, "I saw him yesterday. I saw him by chance at the construction site of Rezha Factory in the middle of the night. I couldn't recognize him. He was so thin that he was out of shape!"! I persuaded him to take it easy, but he nodded and wept and did not speak. Shi Yanan speculated, "It seems that he was worried about the hot rolling mill that was about to be completed. Did he go there in the middle of the night?" Long Dafei said, "It must be like this. The creditors didn't look for him during the day."? Fortunately, the hot rolling mill does not owe much. Shi Yanan thought, "if so reorganized, will Wu Yazhou go bankrupt?"? What about the debt? Long Dafei said: "Bankruptcy is certain, no matter what Wu Yazhou has to go bankrupt, but the debt will not become a burden of restructuring, the loss is the bank.". Most of the bank's loans are to specific project companies, which project is dismounted, the loan is rotten, such as the molten iron project, the Bank of China suffered the greatest losses, and those blast furnace loans were all paid to the Bank of China. There is no such problem in the three major projects under the insurance. But the bank can't blame us, the weather is unpredictable! "But don't we feel guilty?" Asked Shi Yanan? The bank's losses can be recovered, but also the idea to recover ah! Long Dafei sighed, "This is not my business, I hope you and Mayor Fang can pass smoothly!" This night from Shi Yanan office talk back, Long Dafei mind more heavy,outdoor endless pool, almost all night insomnia. In the morning, just as I was about to be confused, the call from the joint investigation team of the provincial Party committee arrived. It was Vice Governor Wang's secretary who called and asked him to talk to the municipal party committee where the investigation team was located. Long Dafei did not dare to neglect, hurriedly washed up, did not even eat breakfast, rushed to a move. Looking at Vice Governor Wang's large suite, many people participated in the conversation. In addition to Vice Governor Wang and comrades from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Land Department,jacuzzi swim spa, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other business departments, there was also a director of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and a deputy director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau of the Provincial Procuratorate. Despite his mental preparation, Long Dafei was still a little surprised, and when he greeted Vice Governor Wang with a smiling face, he was already short of breath. My Hero 46 (1) Fang Zhenggang could hardly believe that Wu Yazhou was sitting in front of him and Shi Yanan. Could this dispirited middle-aged man with a gaunt face be Wu Yazhou, the ambitious chairman and president of the Asian Steel United Company? The beard was unshaven, the square face turned into a long face, and the whole person shrank. Not to mention that the face is not like the human form, even the expression and tone are not like. His eyes were empty, he had no expression at all, and he spoke like an old man. Fang Zhenggang looked away from Wu Yazhou and looked meaningfully at Shi Yanan. Shi Yanan looked back at him tacitly, his eyes bitter and complicated, apparently as surprised as he was at Wu Yazhou's change. Wu Yazhou sat there talking like a Xianglinsao. It's not my fault. How can it be my fault? Mayor Fang, you know, jacuzzi manufacturers ,hot tub manufacturers, you invited me. I said it was two million tons of rolled steel. The New District Management Committee and the China Merchants Bureau want me to scale up, giving both policies and preferential treatment. I didn't rob the money from the bank. They lent it to our project on their own initiative. Everyone was optimistic about the steel market at that time. Why is it my crime now? Asia Steel Union and I are said to have violated the rules. The New District Management Committee and the relevant provincial and municipal departments are not violating the rules. Can we violate the rules? We can't break the rules even if we want to. Now they say that the project is illegal and that there is something wrong with the six children I gave birth to. Mayor Fang, Secretary Shi, then I have to ask: We are guilty when we are children, but are you not guilty when you are mothers? So I'm not convinced, and I'm not convinced even if I die. However, I do not die, now the fate has not finally defeated me, I will think of a way. Fang Zhenggang interrupted Wu Yazhou, "General Manager Wu, listen to me, Secretary Shi and I finally found you through so many people today, just to help you find a way.". You are right, in the violation of the seven million tons of steel, from the New District Management Committee to the relevant departments in the city and province are responsible, including my mayor.. Wu Yazhou grabbed the conversation and obviously wanted to please them. "Mayor Fang, you are a good man, and Secretary Shi is also a good man. That's what I said to the investigation team of the provincial Party committee!"! I know that in the past thirteen days, you have been as anxious as I am, helping me find money and find a home everywhere. A while ago, with the help of municipal enterprises, 20 million yuan was raised, and the installation of the production line of the hot rolling plant did not stop. I have to thank you for lending me 30 million yuan from the city finance today. Shi Yanan stepped in and asked, "I heard from Director Long of the Management Committee that you went to the hot rolling mill in the middle of the night last night?" Wu Yazhou's eyes showed a moving look, "Go!"! I also went to the steel mill! These two projects will not die, and they are basically completed! These are all my children. To tell you the truth, looking at the installed steel rolling equipment and the towering steelmaking furnace, I burst into tears. I know in my heart that these children will not be mine any more, and I don't know whose family they will be in the future, but I don't know how to love them from my heart. These are two good boys. The equipment is all first-class goods imported from abroad. I went to pick them up personally when they arrived at the shore. Fang Zhenggang saw Wu Yazhou in excitement and knew that he could not talk about business, so he had to follow Wu Yazhou's words and said: "There is also a power plant, and he is also a good boy.". We must try to keep these three good children and let them grow up! Wu Yazhou is a little excited, and has the appearance of chairman and president, clear thinking, sonorous tone, "Mayor Fang, you are right, they will grow up.". No matter what is said above, I think that in the long run, the steel market is very good, even if it is temporarily affected, the market fluctuates, the trend will continue to rise! Shi Yanan said with a wry smile: General Manager Wu, why are you so confident? Tell me your reasons and theories! Wu Yazhou waved his hand, "I can't say the theory and the reason. That's the economist's business. They are just talking nonsense.". Some of these economists are good, but many of them are bullshit. If your governments at all levels listen to them, they must let our enterprises and ordinary people pay tuition fees and pay the price! I have been feeling first-class in the market all these years. Fangzheng just made a joke,hot tub wholesale, "Yes, as the song goes, follow the feeling and hold the hand of the dream!" 。 monalisa.com