Return Love to Satan President: Lovers Only Do One Hundred Days

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Just as she was guessing, she looked up and saw that Liao Cangyi had gone to the side of the wardrobe, bare-chested to choose a shirt, the lines of his back muscles were as deep as a knife,ceramic igniter electrodes, and there were several bright red scratches on his wheat-colored skin-the

"Cut!"! Who's worried about you! I'm worried about brother Shu Chen! I just went to your house after work, but no one came back. Did he go, too? Xia Zhi finally softened her tone shyly. When she was in college, she met Xiao Shuchen, who came to see her sister for the first time, and then she fell in love with the tall, sunny, handsome and responsible man. Unfortunately, for so many years, Xiao Shuchen has always treated her as a sister, and has no love for her at all. Even more exasperating is that even good sister Xiao Zitang does not understand her mind, will only make fun of her, saying that she is a nymphomaniac who likes handsome men when she sees them. At the mention of his brother, Xiao Zitang felt sad and had to follow Xia Zhi's train of thought. "Well, my brother also came to help.". After a while, we'll come back together. Yes, there will be a day of safe reunion with my brother. "Oh.." Xia Zhi is a little depressed. "Give the phone to Shu Chen. I haven't seen him for a long time." "He.." I'm busy now. Xiao Zitang coughed and got rid of the sob in his throat. "Xia Zhi, I'm going to be busy, too. Let's talk another day.". Remember to tell Wanwei for me. Thank you She hastily hung up the phone before crying. Thank you Call me when I am most lonely,Alumina Ceramic C795, let me hear your kind voice.. Thank you, Xia Zhi. Chapter 20 Compassion that should not be moved. Layers of curtains blocked the bright sky outside. A large bed in a coffee tone. There was a tall man lying on the bed. From the way he was curled up, I could see that he was in pain. Pushing open the door, Xiao Zitang felt a very depressing feeling-from the bed. Uploaded. . Gloom, despair. Not at all like the breath of a living person. She was in a dilemma, as her aunt had just told her that Liao Cangyi had asked her to come and deliver breakfast, but now the man was asleep in the quilt, motionless. After standing in the doorway for a while,Ozone generator ceramic plate, she was about to go out when she heard a hoarse voice coming from the quilt, "Bring it over." She was a little afraid, hesitated to walk over, then saw Liao Cangyi slowly propped up his body, some weak head on the pillow at the head of the bed, the expressionless face was frighteningly white. Xiao Zitang just wanted to leave quickly, quickly spread out the small table, set up the same white porridge and light side dishes for a hundred years, and took a frightened look at the man who was not right- "Are you all right?" She almost asked. Liao Cangyi's mind was a little distracted. He picked up a white porcelain spoon and scooped up a mouthful of porridge into his mouth. However, before he could swallow it, he was forced to spit it out by a sudden cough. Ying Ting's eyebrows were tightly twisted up, and Liao Cangyi fell on the edge of the bed, retching violently and painfully. Xiao Zitang was startled by his appearance, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,alumina c799, the first reaction is to run away from here quickly, however, to see his shortness of breath, I do not know how to return a responsibility, after the reaction, she has come to his side, bent over, gently patted his broad back like a stone. Liao Cangyi's body trembled imperceptibly at the moment her palm fell, and then a strange smile appeared on her pale face. I probably stood at the window for a long time yesterday and was hit by the cold air. I had a terrible headache all night, and there was always blood gas in my chest. He hated his weak ghost appearance even more, refused to take medicine, refused to call a doctor, and endured it all night. After vomiting, Liao Cangyi turned over wearily, fell back on the pillow, and lazily opened his eyelids, only to see that Xiao Zitang had already drawn a few paper towels from the bedside cabinet, and his movements were not stiff enough to wipe off the porridge water from his mouth and skirt. Under his slightly stunned gaze, he ran to one side and poured a glass of water to his mouth. Liao Cangyi drank a mouthful of water, feeling the entwined viscera slightly relieved, glanced at Xiao Zitang, who looked at himself, and the corners of his mouth reappeared with a playful sneer, "Have you begun to know how to please me?" Xiao Zitang frowned with displeasure, regretting that he should not have moved the heart of compassion for this mean devil. Just as he was about to stand up and stay away from him, he grabbed his wrist, and Liao Cangyi's evil smile was in his ear. "Then please thoroughly, take off your clothes and warm me up.". ” Xiao Zitang pushed him on the shoulder, broke away from his hand and stared at him. "Even if I saw cockroaches and rats die, I couldn't bear it. Ah, I forgot that you wouldn't understand that human beings and devils have different ways of thinking." Liao Cangyi giggled, and his handsome thin lips raised a charming arc. "Really?"? It turns out that I can compete with cockroaches and mice in your heart-I thought you wanted me to die quickly, but now I find that you can't bear to part with me. Xiao Zitang regretted his foolish behavior more and more. He was looking at the evil man fiercely, only to hear the internal telephone ringing at the bedside. Liao Cangyi stretched out his hand lazily and pressed the speakerphone. Ouyang Shu's voice came respectfully, "Young master, I'm coming with Mr. Su Kai now-he brought a new contract." Chapter 21 debate Hang up the phone, Liao Cangyi looked at Xiao Zitang with interest, "quickly pack up, go with me to meet the guests." Although she had never heard the name of Su Kai, from Liao Cangyi's bad smile, she could vaguely guess that Su Kai was probably Su Qien's father. The damned man must be up to something when he wants to be present when negotiating the contract. Just as she was guessing, she looked up and saw that Liao Cangyi had gone to the side of the wardrobe, bare-chested to choose a shirt, the lines of his back muscles were as deep as a knife,ceramic igniter electrodes, and there were several bright red scratches on his wheat-colored skin-the first night they spent together, and she left him traces of pain and hatred. Xiao Zitang only felt the blood rush to his face like a tide, hurriedly turned around and squatted down to clean up all kinds of dirty things made by Liao Cangyi. Study.