The strongest queen

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Just as she was guessing, she looked up and saw that Liao Cangyi had gone to the side of the wardrobe, bare-chested to choose a shirt, the lines of his back muscles were as deep as a knife,ceramic igniter electrodes, and there were several bright red scratches on his wheat-colored skin-the

His long, good-looking fingers reached over the woman's smooth chin, and he bowed his head slightly and kissed it without warning. In her sleep, Xia Zhilei's body suddenly shrank, her long eyelashes like butterfly wings trembled, there was a kind of breath with strong magic and temptation wrapped around her, the cool feeling from her lips made her heart warm in an instant, and she seemed to be sinking slowly.. Andrew pinched her lovely little chin and gently described the shape of the woman's lips. Xia Zhilei is still dazed, ruddy small cherry lips unconsciously slightly open, the man slowly kissed in. Xia Zhilei was in a daze in her mind and wanted to open her eyes to see the man in front of her, but she found that her vision was getting more and more blurred, and she could not see the man's face in front of her. As the night wore on, the room was filled with an ambiguous silence. I do not know how long, Xia Zhilei only felt a chaos in her mind, tightly wrapped arms naturally loosened, and fell asleep peacefully! Andre's slender arm stretched out, pulled the luxurious quilt of the big bed, spread out, and covered Xia Zhilei's whole body. Sleeping Xia Zhilei felt warm all over her body, her beautiful little face sank in the jade white quilt, and she slowly indented inside. The taste on the lips just now is very sweet. It's a wonderful experience. Andrew's movements are very gentle, the appearance of a God down to earth, he quietly watched Xia Zhilei for a few seconds, then,Ceramic Band Heater, indifferent to get up, just in the process of kissing, his blue pupils, did not flash a trace of desire/thought. During the whole process, Andrew was very calm, very calm, and frighteningly calm. He took an indifferent look at Xia Zhilei, and then he stepped out. ………… In the morning, when the first ray of sunshine came in,ceramic bobbin element, Xia Zhilei rubbed her eyes, and she was slightly surprised by the scene that appeared in front of her, the huge golden fireplace panel, the blue spar railing, the fragrant coffee on the table, and the faint smell of perfume in the air! What a luxurious place. She was immediately alerted. Where is this place? Memories of yesterday suddenly came flooding back. She remembered that Xiao Jin brought her to see Andrew the Great. Later, they had dinner together. She got drunk while eating, and then slept here. Is that right? Looking at her clothes intact on her body, nothing should have happened last night, but how did she sleep here? And look at the luxury of this room, it seems to be the room of the emperor, there were so many speculations between them, now she actually stayed in the room of Emperor Andre for one night, this is not to sit on those speculations? "Get out of the way, I want to go in and see my mother!" At this time, the tender voice of Xiao Jin outside the door came, pulling back her consciousness. Xia Zhilei heard a burst of light footsteps, 7g Ozone Generator ,10g Ozone Generator, followed by a small figure of small gold chubby appeared in front of her, a face of joy and joy. "Sister, did that really happen to you and the eldest last night?" Xiao Jin's eyes were full of golden light, and his lovely face showed two lovely pear vortexes. "Do you know that it's all over the world now?" "Little Kim, what happened last night?" Xia Zhilei helplessly pressed the temple, so many maids watched her appear here, did not go back all night, with people like the nature of gossip, a hundred, I believe everyone will soon know! What the hell was she drinking last night? Why was she so drunk? She's always been a good drinker! 103 What the hell was she drinking last night? Why was she so drunk? She's always been a good drinker! "I'll go first, so I don't know!" Little Jinshui's big eyes flashed a trace of panic, sister will not find out that he used ecstasy on her, right? It's better not to be found, or he will be miserable! Last night he thought carefully, or do not bear Jing to apologize, why do you want to make trouble with yourself! Xia Zhilei sighed deeply, why is she always related to the emperor? In her consciousness, the most important thing is the interests, the feeling between men and women, popular point is called love, this kind of thing is too abstract, too mysterious, and very vague, she gave her position is an excellent politician, love for politicians, too far away. Far out of reach! Streams of light shone in from the window, the gorgeous room was sprinkled with strands of light, and the high-grade jade white carpet was dyed with golden brilliance. The huge curtain was also plated with a layer of gold, Xia Zhilei breathed the morning air, a beautiful face bathed in the sun, a new day came, this afternoon to attend the peace conference, so she had to calm down! Sister, what is your expression? What happened to you last night? I'm so curious! Xiao Jin took Xia Zhilei's hand, blinked his big eyes, and asked with an ingratiating face. What about the fire and the rose? Xia Zhilei asked, looking sideways, and began to tidy up her clothes and comb her long hair. They're fine, resting in my room! Xiao Jin walked over to Xia Zhilei and reached out to rub her black hair. Are you awake? At this time, Xia Zhilei suddenly heard a very nice voice, and this voice is very familiar, Andre the Great! "Well, yes!" Xia Zhilei doesn't remember what happened last night, but she still feels very embarrassed. Come and have breakfast! Andrew said in a gentle voice, his expression without any waves, very calm, as if nothing had happened. Actually, nothing happened last night! "Well, no, I'll just go back and eat!" Xia Zhilei euphemistically refused, here she really can not stay, or go back early to meet with Chu Mo is better. Sister, breakfast is ready. Let's eat together. Xiao Jin took Xia Zhilei's hand and walked towards the bright breakfast room. His mouth was still chattering, "Sister,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, don't say no. What does it matter to have breakfast?" Xia Zhilei had no choice but to let Xiaojin pull her and have a breakfast, just in time to talk with the emperor about Yuhuo Phoenix. In the emperor's exclusive breakfast room, a long white table tens of meters long has been filled with all kinds of dishes:.