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He was stunned for a moment. Suddenly his blood boiled and he thought, "Even if I die, I'll be with my second sister!" Chapter 15 Ghost-eating Fire Poison Spider Recovery As soon as he made up his mind,tile profile factory, he turned over and went out. In an empty stone r

His brother slandered him. He didn't say anything. He didn't want to hurt anyone, but everyone thought he was a bad boy. In fact, he was secretly observing the stepmother. In fact, his stepmother thought it was not so terrible. His father loved him very much and almost never left him. He knew it was hard to be pregnant. He knew it when his mother was pregnant with his brother. His father was not there that day. He thought that if his stepmother woke up, she would be hungry. He had to tell him that he had not hurt him. Because of what happened last time, the man didn't seem to trust him very much, although he was calm on the surface. His father asked him to go to his room. He was very happy. His little stepmother must like his soup very much. His father would praise him. As soon as he entered the room, he was hit on the head by something and blood flowed into his eyes. His father was angry. His father's anger burned him. He hugged himself in fear, hoping that his father would be lighter. The man said, "I didn't drink it." He did not know why his heart was particularly uncomfortable, he looked up at the man, the man was also looking at him, can not help the loss, but the heart is also glad that he did not drink, not his poison ah. He wanted to explain to the man, and the man said, "Remember to take care of the wound, the scar will not look good." He was stunned, the first time someone cared about him, do not know why his eyes suddenly wet, he was afraid of his strange, covered his face and left. His brother said to him, "No one loves me, only he loves me." He said that if he killed his father,stainless steel edging strip, they could live here freely and happily forever. He promised his brother, aroused the force that zombies should have, killed the bodyguard at the door, listening to his brother's words outside the door, he was flustered, why did his brother lie to him again, why did everyone do this to themselves, this is not what he wanted. He saw the killing in his father's eyes, he thought it was all over,stainless steel edge trim, the man actually chose to believe him in the end, he thought it was enough. The imaginary pain did not come, but heard his brother's cry of pain. The man hugged him, soothed him, and spoke gently to himself, all for once, something he had always dreamed of. The man bandaged his wound and held him like his mother did to his brother. He couldn't help calling him "Mom". He thought he would have all these things in the future, and he would protect the baby in the new mother's belly. He's not a bad boy. The author has something to say: Please collect and leave a message ~ I used to be hurt by this kind of kid. A difficult period of pregnancy After the children's farce, Chen Xiaoyan has reached the most difficult period of pregnancy, dizzy all day, the body began to have some swelling, and the calf is always cramping. Dad, this is the porridge I cooked myself. Try it. Chen Xiaoyan actually couldn't eat anything at all, but he couldn't bear to let Bai Xiao lose. He smiled and forced himself to drink a little, but he couldn't resist the physiological reaction, and all the breath came out. Yes I'm sorry, metal trim manufacturers ,china tile trim, is it not good? Chen Xiaoyan wiped his mouth and said with a smile, "It's not very good. It's just that I'm really uncomfortable now. If you don't believe me, let your father try it." Chen Xiaoyan glared at Bai Zimo, who was sitting next to him, and motioned him to drink it all, "Your son, big brother!"! Give me some face ! Bai Zimo immediately accepted the signal. Xiaoxiao, come on, father, have a try. Bai Zi Mo is very face to drink a big mouthful, "delicious, especially delicious, what a pity ah, Xiaoyan can not drink such a delicious porridge." "Really?" Bai Xiao's happy face is also red. It's true. Go to school quickly and don't be late. "Uh-huh." Seeing Bai Xiao happy every day, Chen Xiaoyan's old mother's heart was satisfied, and he began to look forward to the new life in his stomach. Suddenly, "in fact, he still likes you very much." “…… So what's the use of telling me now? Indifference 1998. "Who told you to snub me?" “…… No *** said. Chen Xiaoyan is really uncomfortable now. There is no auxiliary buff in this world. He can only rely on himself to get through a little bit. He is now haggard. Bai Zimo loves Chen Xiaoyan but can't share it for him, so he can only massage his sore and swollen calf. A little slower Chen Xiaoyan can take a nap, so that his nerves are a little weak, Bai Zimo has been accompanied by him is not much better, black eye has been hanging under the eyes. You have a rest. One of us must be energetic. I'll be fine later, but you're exhausted. "Then I'll hold you and sleep for a while, and you must call me if you have something to do." "Well, don't worry." Chen Xiaoyan looked at Bai Zimo's sleeping face, could not help but lose, but this is still a character in the novel, in real life he is still a person, if there is such a person to accompany him in real life. He will not indulge in novels with nothing to do every day, nor will he have leisure time to write any novels, commit any crimes, nor will he meet Lan Ling and Bai Zimo, nor have steamed buns. Because he never had it, he never asked for it. Once he had it, the reality would only bring him a gap that would destroy the world. He thought that this might be the real punishment. He couldn't sleep anyway, so he stood up with difficulty. It seemed that Bai Zimo was so tired that he didn't wake up. He suddenly wanted to see the blue sky and white clouds, flowers and trees outside, and then told himself to cherish everything he had now. —— Not long after, the plot has a new development, because Chen Xiaoyan found that Bai Xiao seems to be in love, Chen Xiaoyan has passed the most difficult period, bored, want to listen to gossip, Bai Xiao is shy, to the end do not know what kind of person the other party is. Alas, when a child grows up, his wings will be hard after all. Pointing to his big belly, he said, "Bai Yan, if you fall in love in the future, you must tell me, otherwise how uncomfortable I am." —— Indifferent 1998, "When the child grows up and falls in love,stainless steel tile edging, what do you feel uncomfortable about?" "I feel bad that my gossip heart can't be appeased-it's too bad!" “……” —— "Knock, knock, knock." There was a knock at the door. jecatrims.com