Under the Datura Tree by: Wilhelm

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Kim Tae-yeon's reaction made Li Xuyan even more baffling. He had no idea what Kim Tae-yeon was talking about, so he didn't know how to answer. Neither of them spoke for a while, and the scene was awkward.

"What's your name?" "Pei Haihong." "Sit down." He stopped looking at me and pulled something out of his briefcase. I guess he put a cross after my name. Bad! "What are you doing, fourth brother?" As soon as I sat down, the boss behind me came up. "Didn't you say you were going to the library to read at noon?"? I refused to ask you to bring me a bowl of rice. See this effect at noon? I don't believe it! Honestly, what have you been doing? You're not hiding a little girl from your brothers, are you? "Go, go, go, what girl?"? I'm really in the library. That's the effect, believe it or not. I also wanted to say, but old man Zhao's murderous eyes poked straight over, so I had to shut up. The eldest brother thumped me hard on my vest and made a dull sound, obviously not believing me. It's over. Is it difficult to sit on the platform again? Having learned from last week's experience, I had planned to come early to take a seat. Just as I was about to go out, the counselor called me to the office and gave me a form to fill in. I saw that it was about the activists who joined the Party, which was related to ideological and political issues. I had to fill in the form carefully and patiently, and vowed to move closer to the Party organization. It was half past three when I walked out of the office. Cycling from the School of Stomatology to Wangjiang for elective courses,shuttle rack system, I ran the red light, occupied the fast lane and crowded the sidewalk for a quarter of an hour-so when I stood at the door of the classroom again, there was either a person or a book in each seat, and I couldn't cry. I endure. It seems that I really have no fate with this class, just like I have no fate with Huaxi. Although it's a little regrettable, I'm still ready to leave. Pei Haihong? Pei Haihong? Call me? Am I hearing voices? I stood where I was. A boy who looked like a graduate student walked up to me quickly. "Are you Pei Haihong?" It sounds like a northerner. I am. What can I do for you? "My boss asked me to take your seat." Sure enough,cantilever racking system, it's a graduate student. But when did I have the good fortune to be associated with his boss? Who is your boss? He was surprised by my question, "Li Jike!" "Oh," I did suddenly understand, "so it is the teacher ah, really bother him to bother. My seat was in the middle of the third row, next to the boy, and there was a copy of Symbolism in Forster's novels on it. Do you like Foster? I picked up the book and looked at it and asked casually. To tell you the truth, I don't like it at all. "Then why?" I shook the book in my hand. Isn't it the list made by the boss? We're going to do a review of Forster this semester, and I just finished a Passage to India and a Room with a View, and I really don't have any ideas. "I don't like a Passage to India either, I don't like its theme, warehouse storage racks ,asrs warehouse, but the language is quite good.". You can read Maurice, and it may be easier to understand if you look at other works in turn. "What grade are you in?" "Level 00." In the chat, I learned that his name was Li Wenlin, a graduate student of Grade 01, and also his fellow townsman in Tianjin. We had a good talk and made an appointment to play tennis tomorrow afternoon. Just as we were discussing whether to eat Taoranju or Pizza after the ball. Hut, the teacher came in with his laptop. Yeah, it's like a new person today! Li Wenlin whistled. I don't know how the teacher usually dresses, but at least this time is very different from the previous two times. Last class and in the computer city, he wore short-sleeved shirts and trousers. This time, he changed into a black and white striped polo shirt and a pair of Adidas casual pants. His feet were changed from leather shoes to jogging shoes of the same brand. He looked much younger, about the same age as Li Wenlin. Oh, I'm not used to it. Li Wenlin sighed again. I think it's good. At least it's better than you. ” "Tut, I didn't expect our boss to be a talented person!" As soon as the teacher entered the classroom, he looked at the students as if he were looking for something. After sweeping a lot of people, he stopped on me for a few seconds and quickly moved away. It seemed that he just saw me by chance, but I knew it wasn't, because after he found me, he stopped searching and withdrew his eyes. I don't know why, but I feel very satisfied. It's a strange feeling. Chapter 8 It seems that everyone has come prepared this time. The master asked me a few questions about the Cid and Beowulf, and I was stunned by the conversation, often in rhetorical terms. It seems that I underestimated the liberal arts students. However, although their speeches are wonderful, they all sound like showing off their knowledge, not as natural as the teacher, as if the words rush out by themselves. When we talk about the epic of the Middle Ages in Europe, we have to mention the Nibelungenlied. The poem, written in High German around 1200, consists of 9516 lines and is divided into two parts, the first part is "The Death of Siegfried" and the second part is "The Revenge of Klinshid". "Isn't it four?" Some impetuous student interrupted the teacher's narration in a loud voice. What did you say The teacher didn't understand. Aren't there four? How do you say two? A tall girl with glasses stood up and asked plausibly. It seemed that she was not a student of Wenxin College. Eh? The teacher looked at the questioner doubtfully and did not know how to answer. I'm afraid no one has ever asked the teacher such a question-just as no one has ever asked him why there is only one sun instead of two. I secretly laughed. There are always some people who think that baffling smart people means that they are smarter, but they do not know that they are more prominent in their own stupidity. Such people don't have to save face for them. Which four, please? I asked, sitting in my seat. Gold of the Rhine, Valkyries, Siegfried, Twilight of the Gods. She gave me a smug look. This classmate, you are talking about opera,warehouse pallet racks, we are talking about poetry now, next time please find out before asking questions, do not delay our time. I tried to keep a straight face and pretend to be cool. jracking.com