Cover the sky

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Kim Tae-yeon's reaction made Li Xuyan even more baffling. He had no idea what Kim Tae-yeon was talking about, so he didn't know how to answer. Neither of them spoke for a while, and the scene was awkward.

"It's too early for you to be happy. Go to hell!" With a loud roar from Ye Fan, all the land under his feet collapsed, and tens of thousands of dragon gas rushed up, instantly flooding the killing array, and the ancient stars were destroyed. What's going on? How can there be dragon gas leaking out after the operation of Shencheng Array? Why can he borrow it? Many people in the upper floor of Yangcheng were frightened. Get back! An old man drank a lot, but it was too late. Tens of thousands of dragons rushed to the sky, like ten thousand swords crushing the ancient array. Poof! One person on the spot by DN wear, blood spatter, the whole person is upside down, but the result is another sword gas sweep, the market was chopped into mud. Pei.. The other man shouted, "Run the magic weapon, unite with the body, and rush to Ye Fan as fast as lightning." "Bang" However, Ye Fan, one step out, the line of words operation, after the first to come, Wang Yin hit out, let the ancient soldiers broken, the body stained with blood upside down. Hey "" Ye Fan followed up with a foot down, stepped on his chest and landed on the ground, trampled to death on the spot, without breath. The other four people changed to sè and all flew back, but they couldn't get out of the dragon's block. They were all blocked. Ye Fan opened and closed and "killed the past." Chi "" A bright knife light rushed up, and he split a man in half. Boom. Ye Fan was so brave that he hit the man opposite with a golden fist, which turned his magic weapon and body into a fog of blood, breaking into pieces, leaving nothing left. Ah Another person screamed, was Ye Fan bare-handed twisted off the head, blood jumped up more than three meters high, unwilling but also can not change the reality of "mind collapse.". Ye Fan's hands moved as if he were pulling a starry sky. "Endless runes flashed all over the sky, wearing out the nine magic weapons of another man." "Bang" He clapped his hand in the void, leaving a clear mark, and the man in the distance coughed up blood,industrial racking systems, his body fell apart, and then exploded and fell completely. In the battlefield of the underground dragon, the six strong men died in the blink of an eye, and none of them were left, making it difficult to counter Ye Fan's heroic blow. There was a moment of complete silence in the city, a means comparable to that of the Lord, and few people could do it. Suddenly a burst of big 1un, the top master in the city heard the news, a large group of people to kill, one by one murderous, most of them are white. The old religious leader died so miserably that he turned his body into a curse of death and fell into purgatory forever, but he didn't kill this X dog. It's hateful! "Old Master, I avenge you!" A heroic man was the first to fly out, roaring, and killing Ye Fan with a magic sword in his hand. Boom. With a stroke of his hand, Ye Fan flew out and collided with the man's heavenly sword. The noise was endless, which made his heart jump. This is a great power. Who are you "I am the sage of the Yang Sect five hundred years ago, heavy duty metal racks ,drive in racking system, and now I am the Supreme Elder. Please accept my orders!" The man drank loudly and came with a sword in his hand. The cold light of the sword shone for dozens of miles. One immortal succession after another, they will choose a generation of saints every five hundred years, and when the old leader dies, they will choose the successor of the saints who have retired from the past. Five hundred years ago, no wonder the saint was so powerful! Ye Fan's heart jumped. Kill him! At this time, there are several heroic men flying, all the killing machine, one by one preemptive, to pick Ye Fan's head, for the strong. The saint of a thousand years ago, the saint of fifteen hundred years ago, and even a saint nv of two thousand years ago are so powerful that they are comparable to the powerful saint of today. Mainly Wang Yangzhan live too long, more than three thousand years old, the following saint can only wait, unable to ascend. Now a patriarch has become the leader, and they all want to take this opportunity to ascend to the position of deputy leader in order to succeed him in the future. The saint of the past, now the powerful patriarch, attack and kill Ye Fan together, and there are some level of terror antique flying, merciless hand. Even if Ye Fan can borrow the dragon spirit of the earth and have the strength to compete with the Holy Lord, it is impossible to fight so many people alone, that is purely a death wish. It's time! He made a decision in his heart and led many masters to help him. He wanted to gather the power of a dragon to flatten a group of strong people and break a leg of the Yang Sect. Boom! The yuantian Divine Array carved by Ye Fan was fully activated, the infinite divine light soared into the sky, tens of thousands of dragons jumped up, and the auspicious clouds were everywhere, which submerged the place. All of a sudden, a frightening and terrible Qi movement appeared and surged towards Ye Fan. In the sacred city, a black and red ancient sutra was rising under the earth. The weapon of the ancient sage, the real yyīnyang ancient mirror has appeared! Ye Fan was horrified. He had seen this imitation of the ancient scriptures. It was as easy to kill a great power as to crush an ant. Don't want the real one! "Damn it!" He had been prepared for a long time, but he didn't think that the Yang religion would use the treasure of Zhenjiao. You can imagine how heavy the intention to kill him was. He was determined not to give him a chance. Break the city for me! The infinite divine power burns, the underground eternal dragon raises its head, buries the yyīn Yang divine city, rushes up in an all-round way, runs through the sky, and here is completely boiling. Seen from a distance, like a sea of divine power, there was nothing else to be seen. The underground dragon source rushed up from the runes carved by Ye Fan, sweeping the world. Endless ocean, such as nine days of the Milky Way fell flat, this is a catastrophe! "Boom" The city of Yangshen and the city of Sifang collapsed, and then the ancient walls like mountains fell like paper, and the smoke and dust soared into the sky. This piece of land, which has the color of the legendary s s, has caused a great disaster, and many ancient buildings have collapsed, which can not be controlled at all. Only one person, alone to my yyīn Yang religion, but destroy my important place. "This is a great shame, ah, destroy his nine clans, are not enough to wash away!" Many old antiques of the Yyīn Yang Sect roared, almost crazily. Boom. An ancient mirror rose from the dragon vein of the earth, sinking and floating in the void, as if it could fix the eternal heavens, and many of the elders of the Yang Sect could not help but kneel down. Ancient holy soldier, please protect the foundation of my sacred city! "Awaken the ancient divine weapon and fix the land of mountains and rivers!" Ye Fan stood in the distant sky,heavy duty rack manufacturers, not daring to approach, the ancient mirror was so frightening that it could almost swallow up heaven and earth, revealing that every wisp of Qi could crush the great power.