EAS Clothing Label manufacturers

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EAS Clothing Label manufacturersEAS Clothing Label manufacturersEAS Clothing Label manufacturers

EAS Clothing Label manufacturers Our Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions combine variable data, branding and security in a single, effective method. We encapsulate powerful, high quality accousto-magnetic (AM) and radio frequency (RF) technologies into our paper hangtags, printed fabric labels, woven labels and self-adhesive products so that our customers can prevent loss and maximise profitability. Product Information Product name:Anti theft AM woven label Frequency:58KHz Material:Woven+anti theft AM DR label Color:White/customized Packing:5000pcs/ctn Function:Sewn in clothes woven or ribben to anti-theft MOQ:1PC How Swept-RF Works Swept-RF uses a transmitter to create a detection zone where tags are detected. The transmitter sends a signal that varies between 7.4 and 8.8 MHz (millions of cycles per second), which is why it is called swept; it sweeps over a range of frequencies. The transmitter signal energizes the swept-RF tag, which is composed of a circuit containing a capacitor and a coil, both of which store electrical energy. When connected together in a loop, the components can pass energy back and forth or "resonate." The tag responds by emitting a signal that is detected by a wideband receiver, meaning a receiver that monitors for signals over a wide frequency range; for swept-rf systems the bandwidth is typically about 1,400,000 Hz. By detecting a phase difference between these two signals, the receiver recognizes the presence of a tag, and it alarms.EAS Clothing Label manufacturers website:http://www.suntecchina.com/eas-clothing-label/