The Availability of These Two Games Will Put an End to Lost Ark

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This is the question that the vast majority of players are pondering at the moment

This is the question that the vast majority of players are pondering at the moment. In my opinion, this is how Lost Ark is currently standing right now. The developers will release new content or new classes, or basically carry out some beneficial activities in the game, just when you finally think it is dying or dying. The participants are going to resume playing the game. The plan is sound, but will it be implemented moving forward?

It doesn't seem likely to me. Because of this, I believe that the UAV, Liberty, and the Blue Protocol that were all released this year will finally put an end to Arc. Now, let's talk about why I believe the Blue Agreement and Freedom will put an end to the Lost Ark. If you just want to know which two games will put an end to the Lost Ark, you are more than welcome to stay and listen to my reasoning. This concept has basically been implemented as the release of two updated massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), which means that players now have more options, some of which may be superior.

  1. Therefore, the Lost Arc no longer has the same allure

  2. People will make the jump from the Lost Aircraft to the Throne and Freedom or the Blue Agreement, which is partially correct

  3. However, this is not the entire reason why it is more profound than this because it is not important to see how wonderful the Throne and Freedom are

  4. By the way, judging by the gameplay trailer as well as what I have seen and read about the game, it appears to have a lot of potential

  5. But the game's gameplay or open world alone is not enough to make it appealing in this day and age

  6. If the game is released and achieves its expectations or is successful, it will completely destroy The Lost Ark, just as people will start playing it immediately, and forget that Los Arc even exists

  7. However, in this day and age, the game's open world or gameplay alone is not enough to make the game appealing

  8. All of this, unfortunately, is about the lack of monetization


Let us not forget that Lost Ark is without a doubt one of the most important MMOs in the annals of gaming history. Incredible, both in terms of how the game is played and how the light looks. The game Lost Arc is absolutely incredible. Now that we've brought up the topic of monetization, I don't want to talk about how they win Lost Arc or how the gotcha system is the best in the history of gaming. Unfortunately, the monetization of the game basically destroys it. The gacha system used in Lost Ark is without equal in my experience. Because the whole point of the game is to get you to spend money, I believe that the developers enlisted the assistance of professional psychologists in the creation of this system. People forget how magical the Lost Ark is as a game because monetization is basically the most important aspect of MMOs in the modern era. This is why people forget how magical the Lost Ark is as a game.

People will not care about raids, battles, or how wonderful the characters are if the game is taken offline because poor monetization will cause the game to be discontinued. If monetization is lacking, everything that the throne, freedom, and blue agreement need to do will basically force the player to give up the lost arkhan in order to directly invest in the game. This will result in slightly improved monetization. You don't even need it, just like I can really play a game that's completely fair for free, and you don't even need me to help you monetize a little bit more effectively. People will directly invest their time and money in your game; however, this only applies to the round system and Liberty, which is a direct competitor; in contrast, this is a different story for the blue agreement. If you are a player of lost Arc, you should be very concerned about the impending release of the blue agreement. The explanation is extremely straightforward. Amazon will be the one and only publisher of the blue agreement.

You read that correctly; this indicates that in the event that the successful launch of the Blue Agreement causes Amazon to completely give up the Lost Ark, you may question how I know that Amazon will give up the Lost Ark or other similar things when they release the Blue Agreement. Yes, you heard that correctly. Even after the Genji Influence has been released, some people believe that the placeholder for the Blue Agreement will still have an effect on a significant number of players. This begs the question: how can they tell you that the very first Blue Agreement in history is one of the most significant MMOs in recent years? This will be another release of the Blue Agreement on Amazon that is met with great success. On the other hand, this won't be like the Lost Ark at all. Because the game has not been distributed to the public yet, it will be one of a kind. It will first be made available in Japan in the first half of this year, and then in the second half of this year, Amazon will make it available throughout the western region of the world. They are very similar to our region, and even include people from Australia.

Now, this ought to be the clearest indication to you possible. You, my fellow Australians, are aware that the developers of Lost Ark don't give a damn about you; in fact, they don't even list Australia as a region. Now they have committed to providing you with a regional blue agreement, which indicates that you will have your very own original server and that Amazon will take the blue agreement more seriously as a result. They are taking this release much more seriously than they did the Lost Ark.

Do you know that the blue agreement and Internet freedom will release the perfect time to kill the lost Ark after we regard Britain as a hard model and an ancient equipment and artist? This is the case because the only thing for players to do is prepare ancient equipment in preparation for the release of briochaza hard mode or artists. I am only playing the game now because I am preparing for ancient equipment and the brave shaza, so that when I finally experience them, I will not have any more experience playing the game. I said this based on my previous playthroughs of the game. I have essentially finished the game if I am able to experience Britain in difficult mode and with ancient equipment. You might say that I have essentially finished the game, but you should wait for a surprise assault. I find it extremely pleasing when there are more options available on the market, when I get the best deal possible, when I have the best accessories, and when my eye level is at its highest.

You are going to have the impression that there is nothing wrong with Minimax's strategy of waiting for a straightforward new surprise attack. I don't think that will be the situation for the people. My guess is that the vast majority of people will, much to their regret, withdraw from the older equipment. The challenge, however, is that this will take place at the same time that other companies release the game. In essence, Amazon will discontinue one of its own games in conjunction with the launch of the blue agreement. But I honestly believe that Amazon could care less about losing Arc at this point.

Even by their standards, it is not their most successful game. But you may say, no, but it's not. Even if we bring the chart, there are only 1000 players in New World who have lost, while we have 1.35 million people who have lost overall in our games. New World is by far their most successful game.

Indeed, the lost Ark still contains 400,000 people after all these years. But you can't compare 1.3 million people playing for free with 900000 people playing for free. The numbers are simply not comparable. Similar to the New World paid game, so many players (let alone lost ones) are released in pods that we don't even know how many robots are playing the game.