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KN95 Folding MKN95 Folding Mask factoryKN95 Folding Mask factoryask factory

KN95 Folding Mask factory KN95 valve mask is a kind of breathing filter mask. Compared with non-valve masks, valve masks have lower exhalation resistance and are more comfortable to wear. Strictly speaking, masks with valves are divided into disposable type and duplex type Similarities and differences between N95 masks and KN95 masks Both N95 masks and KN95 masks are made of multiple layers of synthetic materials (usually polypropylene plastic polymers) and are designed to be worn on the mouth and nose. The straps behind the ears help hold the mask in place. Both masks must filter out and capture 95% of the 0.3 micron particles in the air (hence the "95" in the name) Is the effect of kn95 mask with breathing valve and without breathing valve the same? The advantage of a valve mask is to ensure smooth breathing. So when inhaling, the valve is closed, which can effectively block the entry of external viruses. When exhaling, the valve is opened, which can help the air in the mask to expel quickly. So when a person stands in front of you with a valve mask, he is not wearing a mask compared to you. When encountering people with valve masks, especially those with cold symptoms, we must be more vigilant and stand a little farther consciously. People with cold symptoms should also be careful not to choose this relatively comfortable valve mask when choosing a mask. Don't even know what's going on after you have infected others, or after being infected by others. Precautions Masks with valves must be of the right size and the way they are worn must be correct for the mask to be effective. Masks sold on the market are generally divided into rectangular and cup-shaped. Rectangular masks must have at least three layers of paper structure to have a protective effect. The user needs to press the iron wire of the mask on the bridge of the nose, and then spread the entire mask along the bridge of the nose to be effective. Children can wear a rectangular surgical mask, because it has no fixed shape, and if it is tied well, it can fit tightly to the child's face. For cup-shaped masks, make sure that the density of the mask is sufficient after being attached to the face so that the exhaled air will not leak out to be effective. When wearing a cup-shaped mask, try to blow air with your hands over the mask to check if there is any air leaking from the edge of the mask. If the mask cover is not tight, readjust the position before wearing it. CE EN锛?49 FFP2KN95 Folding Mask factory website: