The Top 10 Winter-Related Activities Available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The wintertime in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a charming time of year that is filled with snow, unique recipes that players can make themselves, and a lot of warmth

The wintertime in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a charming time of year that is filled with snow, unique recipes that players can make themselves, and a lot of warmth. Even though the celebrations of Toy Day and the New Year are two of the most important parts of the holiday season, there are many other winter-themed activities that New Horizons players can participate in to keep themselves occupied until spring arrives.


There is something that every type of player can enjoy on their island during the depths of winter, and this includes everything from ACNH special decorative items to snow day projects. This is true whether the player chooses to embrace the season or seeks out small ways to escape the chill of the snow.

Construct a Snowman.
It is only fitting that players of New Horizons have the ability to construct their very own snowmen, which are referred to as Snowboys within the context of the game due to the abundance of snow that falls during the winter months. On an empty patch of snow, two small snowballs can be found each day. These snowballs can then be rolled into the desired shape.

Creating a Snowboy that has the right proportion of head to body can take some practice, but once it is done, the Snowboy will reward its creator with a recipe for a seasonal craft they can make themselves. During the winter, the Able Sisters shop carries a large selection of fashionable apparel that is also warm; consequently, players will have a wide variety of options for putting together an outfit that is suitable for braving the chill, which, with any luck, will help them avoid receiving passive-aggressive comments from villagers.

In addition to the pre-made outfits that are available, players have the ability to put their own designs up for sale. This provides the opportunity for their villagers to purchase something that is one of a kind.

Capture the Creatures of the Season
Animal Crossing's difficulty can be measured in part by how difficult it is to complete the Critterpedia, a database that lists all of the fish, bugs, and other creatures that inhabit an island and its surrounding waters. Finding every critter requires a lot of patience and persistence because many of them are only available during certain times of the day. Discovering the particulars of seasonal critters can be of great assistance in capturing them, enabling players to fill in any frustrating blank spots in the Critterpedia in the process. Its cozy ambiance and well-known coffee blends make it the ideal place to unwind in between jobs on the island with ACNH nmt buy game items now, and thanks to the Amiibo phone, players can invite their favorite islanders to join them for a drink there.

The vast majority of people who play Animal Crossing never learn that there are additional benefits to regularly visiting Brewster Town. You can purchase seasonal items from Nook Shopping by going to the Special Goods tab, using the vending machine in Resident Services, or using the Nook Shopping app that can be downloaded onto a player's phone.

During the winter months, items will appear to help players celebrate events such as Groundhog Day and the Lunar New Year. These items will add a unique touch to memorable moments, and players will be able to use these items to decorate displays either inside or outside of their homes. A net can be used to collect the large snowflakes that float around the island, and then those snowflakes can be used to make a variety of different icy items.

The instructions for making these wintry do-it-yourself projects can be found in a variety of places, such as on balloons, in message bottles, or on Snowboys that have been assembled to perfection. They can be used to transform not only an island but also a player's house into a wintery wonderland. This versatile crafting material can be put to use in the creation of a wide variety of handmade items, including but not limited to garments, wall coverings, and flooring in addition to furniture.

Participate in the Fishing Competition Today!
Competitors in the winter fishing tournament, which is directed by an experienced angler named C. and takes place on the second Saturday of January from nine in the morning until six in the evening, aim to reel in as many fish as they can in the allotted time period of three minutes.

Players have an unlimited number of opportunities to compete in the tournament, during which they will earn points. These points can later be redeemed for various prizes. Players who take part in each season's tournament for the very first time are awarded NookMiles as well as a Passport Title that is relevant to that season. This title can be used as a fun and creative additional way to reflect the weather in the game.

Cooking some hearty dishes is a fun activity for players to engage in during the winter season. These dishes can be consumed when players are engaged in activities that require additional strength, or they can be used in other ways to make a house look cozier. There is a meal suitable for any event thanks to the extensive menu, which includes everything from baked potatoes to curry made with squid ink.

With Kapp'n, you can escape the snow and have some fun.
Even though the winter months in New Horizons have a lot to offer players, it is possible for them to become bored with all of the snow that falls during these months. It is possible that the player will arrive at the mystery island to find a climate that is utterly incompatible with their own, as well as a time zone that is different from their own.

It is not always guaranteed that the weather will change, but mystery islands frequently have fantastic treasures to offer players. This demonstrates why Animal Crossing would be one of the best content game universes to live in if you were to play it.

Put up some Valentine's Day decorations.
A participant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons holds a box of Valentine's Day candies while standing in front of the scene.

Towards the end of the winter months in New Horizons comes Valentine's Day, and while the game does not have a dedicated event to celebrate the holiday, players can purchase bouquets in the shape of hearts and boxes of chocolates through Nook Shopping.

In addition, in order to commemorate the event, players will find a present in their mailbox on the day in question, sent not only by Isabelle but also by one of the villagers they have befriended. Decorating for Valentine's Day can be a fun and sweet way to celebrate as the winter months come to an end thanks to the availability of these special items and the always-available range of cute furniture that players can obtain.