Yi Zhong Tian Pin San Guo

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Zhang Song hated Cao deeply from then on, and he surrendered to Liu Bei because Liu Bei's position was against Cao. Fa Zheng surrendered to Liu Bei because he could not be put in an important position under Liu Zhang. He was depressed and hoped to have a stage to play his ability.

Mr. Yi Zhongtian believed that one of the reasons why Liu Bei succeeded in capturing Yizhou was that Sun Quan, who was also ambitious, faced many difficulties in his concrete actions and had to give up. In this way, Liu Bei took the lead. But if Liu Bei wanted to monopolize Yizhou, he had to face the resistance of Liu Zhang, the governor of Yizhou. We know, at this time of Liu Bei strength is not strong, why he can successfully seize the profit? The second reason, Milan. Liu Zhang was the son of Liu Yan, who was the first to become a herdsman in Yizhou, and later passed the throne to his son Liu Zhang. Milan this person is more like Liu table, is unambitious, to keep can't, his mind is to keep the mu three points, wife and children hot Kang. But he can't keep ah, can't keep and also very worried about their keep, so to the sixteen years of Jian an, Cao Cao let Zhong Yao to crusade against Britons. The actual purpose of Cao Cao's crusade against Zhang Lu was to force Ma Chao and Han Sui against Guanzhong. After Ma Chao and Han Sui were forced against him, Cao Cao could justifiably send troops to wipe out Guanzhong. But before the invasion, Cao Cao released the rumor is a punitive expedition against Britons, and Britons station close to the profit, Cao Cao announced to play Britons, the profit of Milan nervous. As soon as Liu Zhang was nervous, one of his men named Zhang Song ran to Liu Zhang and said, "General,industrial racking systems, it's terrible. Cao Gong is going to attack Hanzhong.". Zhang Lu we know that he is Tso's opponent, once Tso took Hanzhong, what should we do? Excuse me, general, how can we resist? "Yes," said Liu Zhang. "You see, I'm worried about this. What can I do about it? Zhang Song said, "It's easy to do. Please ask Liu Yuzhou to help. Liu Yuzhou and General Cao Cao are enemies. If Liu Yuzhou can enter Hanzhong to replace Zhang Lu and block the door for us, it will be safe."! Liu Zhang thought it was reasonable,warehouse storage racks, so he sent Fa Zheng with four thousand troops to meet Liu Bei. Zhangsong this idea, eat inside and outside, obviously is to lead the wolf into the room, not to mention even if not lead the wolf into the room, you please God easy to send God, you invited Liu Bei, you can also send him out? Can you still send it out? So as soon as the news spread, some important officials in Shu all expressed their opposition. At that time, one of them was called Huang Quan, who strongly expressed his opposition. Huang Quan went to Liu Zhang and said, "General Zuo is known as Xiao Ming." General Zuo is Liu Bei. Liu Bei has always had the reputation of being a fierce hero in the world. How do you treat him when he comes? If you treat him as a subordinate, as a subordinate, what does he do? How can he be your subordinate? If you treat him as a guest and sit on an equal footing with him, one country cannot tolerate two kings, how do you deal with it? The result is that "the guest has the safety of Mount Tai, and the host has the danger of tired eggs." Ah, if he is safe, we will be in danger. This is kates opinion, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, for Milan is undoubtedly correct, so why not listen to Milan? Is Milan muddleheaded? * According to historical records, Liu Zhang was weak by nature, generous and merciful, and lacked strategy. But in the troubled times at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, as the highest officer of a place, Milan was not so confused as to openly invite the wolf into the house, so why did he send troops to meet Liu Bei into Shu? The reason is that Milan has other plans. According to historical records, when zhangsong to persuade Milan also said something like this, he said: now we this place is not quiet, nor safe, many of his generals are one is proud, the second has the motive of rebellion, this time if Cao Cao took Hanzhong, to attack our Shu county, then the enemy attack outside, the people attack inside, must be the enemy fighting outside. If we rebel internally, it will be difficult to handle at that time. This sentence about the heart of Milan, because Milan his regime was established by his father Liu Yan, Liu Yan established the regime it is a foreign regime, it relies on Liu Yan brought in from outside and from outside wandering in, refuge in such a group of people, formed a group called Dongzhou group. There is a contradiction between this Dongzhou group and the indigenous people, that is, those Yizhou people who were born and raised in Shu County. Those people also formed a group called the Yizhou Group. Now the foreign Dongzhou Group is ruling the indigenous, native and local Yizhou Group, and this contradiction is very fierce. Liu Yan suppressed once when he was alive, Milan suppressed again after he succeeded to the throne, but pressed the gourd from the gourd, these people are not convinced, Milan is most afraid of this. So Mr. Lv Simian said: "The fact is that the patients are actually the generals in Shu." It was at this time that Milan was most afraid not of the people outside, but of the people at home. He said he would invite Liu Bei to come, but I wouldn't let him go to Shu Prefecture. I wanted him to attack Hanzhong, to attack Zhang Lu. After conquering Zhang Lu, I would give Hanzhong to Liu Bei. Anyway, Hanzhong is not mine. I would not give it to anyone; Liu Bei was in that place. In the north, he blocked Cao Cao for me. In the south, he helped me to guard the generals in Shu, because all the generals in Shu knew that another man named Liu had come. We were all family members; Although we profit so big, nominally I or the profit animal husbandry, Liu Bei in Hanzhong he can be independent, we can live in peace, there is no such a problem that a country can't two juns, but can form a relationship between lips and teeth, not very good? So, Milan is actually playing a wishful thinking. But unfortunately, Liu Bei's abacus beads are not moved by Milan, Milan has the abacus of Milan, Liu Bei has the abacus of Liu Bei. Milan at least two did not think of, is the first one didn't think of Liu Bei don't listen to command, the second one didn't think of to persuade him to meet Liu Bei's two people, zhangsong and method is not his loyal minister, but two people who betray him. * Why did Zhang Song and Fa Zheng surrender to Liu Bei and betray Liu Zhang? It turned out that Zhang Song was interested in Liu Bei's courage to challenge Cao, because in the battle of Chibi in 208 AD,pallet rack shelving, Zhang Song had been ordered by Liu Zhang to Cao's camp in the hope of friendship, but Zhang Song was humiliated by Cao. Zhang Song hated Cao deeply from then on, and he surrendered to Liu Bei because Liu Bei's position was against Cao. Fa Zheng surrendered to Liu Bei because he could not be put in an important position under Liu Zhang. He was depressed and hoped to have a stage to play his ability. kingmoreracking.com