Tea Man Trilogy

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After about half an hour of being nagged by Altis, he decided to roll the dice (can you use that word?) When

With an obvious hesitation, Jiahe pushed Yesheng and asked her to take it. Yesheng stepped forward hesitantly and took the big envelope. Suddenly, she was hugged by Wu Kun. He said slowly, "Daughter, daughter, my daughter, my daughter.." His mouth kissed the little face of the night born, frightened the night born to scream loudly, too grandpa too grandpa to scream wildly. The blood of Jiahe rushed up and shouted loudly. He grabbed Yesheng and shouted, "What are you doing? What are you doing?"! You've come to the end of the road! Your days are over! Wu Kun did not seem to care about the old man's angry cry,Thyroid Powder Factory, he immediately woke up, let go of the night, standing still. Jiahe returned to the courtyard with Yesheng under his arm and closed the gate fiercely. I do not know how long, the door opened,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, Jia and a man came out, he gently asked: "Are you still there?" "I'm here." Wu Kun answered. My eyes are broken and I can't see anything. Did you just say that tea could come back? "You're right. Our days are over. Your days have begun." With a wry smile, he answered the wrong question. He suddenly felt very tired, and he felt that all his words were unnecessary. You want to go? Jiahe seemed to feel something and asked. I won't come back again. Jiahe was silent, weighing the true meaning of the sentence. What do you have in your hand? "Tea.." "I thought it was wine." He gave a wry smile. Jiahe thought of the young man who visited him in the starry night many years ago, and he seemed to hear the rapid steps of the leaves when they went to drink for him. The sound of gongs and drums and slogans once again surged through, and then returned to the silence of the autumn night, and they heard the trembling of a few autumn insects in the corner. Do you have anything to say? The old man finally asked. The young man thought, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, looked up, and said, "No comment." These were the last words he said, and then he went away into the autumn night, and soon disappeared into the darkness. In the darkness, the old man of the Hang family held a cup of tea in his hand. The nightlife behind the door heard all their conversations. Now, the Mansheng pot is lying quietly in the old man's arms. The pocket watch in the pot has been sent to the little digger herself. They should be boating on the lake at the moment. The pot was raised by Wangyou himself. The Hang family did not know what kind of communication had taken place between him and Paner. They only knew that without any words, Paner led Wangyou to the place where Mansheng pot was buried. After getting out of the pot, Lin Wangyou accompanied Paner to see Xiao Dig. He knew that without his company, the conversation would not be able to take place. Lin Wangyou, the forest keeper, has passed the age of destiny, like a cup of tea, which is not always remembered. He stayed in the mountains, as if waiting for the call of people outside the mountains, and once the event was over, he would return to the mountains. He was the one who knew Hang Jiahe best. When Tea called to tell him that Grandpa wanted him to go back to Hangzhou, he hardly asked anything. The next morning, he was already in front of Jiahe. Jiahe's eyes were blurry. He sniffed the air and said, "Forget your worries.." Forgetfulness brings the breath of the mountains, and Jiahe can smell it. He said, "Forget your worries. The International Peace Pavilion of the Tea Museum is about to be unveiled.". In October this year, there will be a thousand international tea people. All the big things in the Tea Museum are known to the Hangzhou family, and Hangde Tea is their special researcher. "Tell me, uncle,D BHB Factory, what do you want me to do?" He said. Jiahe thought for a moment and then said, "Go and look for Paner..." He knew that only forgetfulness could persuade Paner, and only forgetfulness was qualified to say. pioneer-biotech.com